Quandela awarded with the “Grand Prize i-LAB 2018”

In a dedicated ceremony, occurred the previous 5th of July 2018 in Paris, the Minister of Research and Education of France, Mme. Frédérique Vidal conferred to QUANDELA the "Grand Prize i-LAB 2018" for the France's best deeptech startups.

For this special occasion, we were very happy to share the stage with Mr. Pierre Barnabé (general manager and COO of Atos), who accompanied and sponsored QUANDELA for its innovative project on quantum communication and quantum computation.

To listen to the discussion and comments from Mr. Barnabé, Mme. Vidal and Mr. Ludovic Le Moan (CEO of Sigfox) on quantum technologies, cibersecurity and quantum communication, you can follow the link below, starting from minute 42.

The video reports the full ceremony (language: french, subtitles: french).

First installation, first victory

We are very happy to share with you that our key product eDelight, a source of highly indistinguishable photons, is now operating in Australia with high photon purity and emission rate of several MHz counts per second!

The group of Prof. Andrew White is the first group to purchase one of our eDelight devices. The team of Quandela carried the device to the University of Queensland and perfectly conducted the installation.
We are very happy to confirm that Quandela’s devices can be implemented in any laboratory and perform like a charm, even if it is across the world!

Prof. Andrew White is a pioneer in optical quantum technologies and we feel honored that our first device will serve his inspirational work.
We enjoyed our stay with his team and we are happy to hear about the exciting projects they have planned with their new device.

We are looking forward to seeing soon new results powered by Quandela!



[1] J. C. Loredo, et al., Boson Sampling with Single-Photon Fock States from a Bright Solid-State Source, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 135503 (2017).

We represented Quantum Photonics at Photonics Day

June 4th 2018 – Valérian Giesz (Cofounder CEO) was at the French Ministry of Economy at Photonics Day. With the support of Alain Aspect, he showed that Quantum Photonics is now a promising emerging industry and that Quandela is a leader in the manufacturing of bright single photon sources in the solid state.

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