QuandeLAB : an open facility dedicated to optical quantum technologies

Bring your setup and combined it with all the state-of-the-art instruments available : stabilized optical table, low-vibration cryostat, stabilized laser, highly efficient single-photon sources and detectors.

Single-photon source performance

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Quantum photonic chip in a vacuum chamber at cryogenic temperature
(cryogenic system: attodry800, by attocube)

  • Very efficient :

More than 65% of emitted polarized photons are coupled in a single-mode fiber.

More than 32 millions of indistinguishable photons per second (pulsed excitation rate : 500MHz)

Or more than 5millions indistinguishable photons per second (pulsed excitation rate : 80MHz)

  • Ultra stable :

Optical alignement and single-photon count rate stable for several days

Taking advantages of Quandela's single-photon technology it's easy

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  • It's all fibered and fully assisted :

Don’t worry about the source, focus only on your setup.

  • Enter in a new and unexplored regime :

With millions of qubits per second, during days, you can go beyond the limits. Plan experiments and reach results that were impossible before.

  • Possibility for remote experiment :

You can leave your setup and control it directly from your own office/your town/your country.