Quandela awarded with the “Grand Prize i-LAB 2018”

In a dedicated ceremony, occurred the previous 5th of July 2018 in Paris, the French Minister of Research and Innovation, Mme. Frédérique Vidal conferred to QUANDELA the “Grand Prize i-LAB 2018” for the France’s best deeptech startups. For this special occasion, we were very happy to share the stage with Mr. Pierre Barnabé (general manager and COO of […]

Quandela granted by the HEC Challenge+ Prize

We are very proud to announce that Quandela received the Great Prize for startups from the HEC Challenge+ program.               About the program HEC Challenge Plus : The program helps developers of innovative projects with high growth potential build their business plan, and provides assistance throughout the development process. […]

Quandela gets accepted in the accelerator Scientipole

Quandela is one of the selected startups that will benefit from the support of Scientipole in the category “Factory in the Future”. With the support of prestigious corporate members, Scientipole assists the most promising Parisian startup during their growth. More info about Scientipole : http://www.scientipole-idf.com/

ERC starting grant – QD-CQED A quantum dot in a cavity: A solid state platform for quantum operations

The QD-CQED project aims at implementing elementary quantum operations using semiconductor quantum dots inserted in optical microcavities. photon or entangled photon pairs will be developed and used to demonstrate quantum teleportation and entanglement swapping. With an additional carrier inside the quantum dot, our objective is also to demonstrate spin-photon entanglement and head toward the remote […]