Nature Photonics’ article

Niccolò Somaschi, cofounder and CTO of Quandela, participated to a great work that is now published in Nature Photonics. Click here to read the article

Single-photon sources review in Nature Nanotechnology

Prof. Pascale Senellart, cofounder of Quandela, just published a very interesting review in Nature Nanotechnology with Prof. Andrew White from University of Queensland (Australia) and Prof. Glenn Solomon from NIST (USA). This is a very interesting review about the last developments of high-performance semiconductor quantum dot single-photon sources. Micropillar sources, as Quandela products, are mentioned […]

A solid-state single photon filter, published in Nature Nanotechnology

A solid state single photon filter L. de Santis, C Anton, B. Reznychenko, N. Somaschi, G. Coppola, J. Senellart, C. Gomez, A. Lemaitre, I. Sagnes, A. G. White, L. Lanco, A. Auffeves, P. Senellart. Published in Nature Nanotechnology, 12 663-667 (2017)   A strong limitation of linear optical quantum computing is the probabilistic operation […]

Near-optimal single photon source in the solid state.

Near-optimal single-photon sources in the solid state N. Somaschi, V. Giesz, L. De Santis, J. C. Loredo, M. P. Almeida, G. Hornecker, S. L. Portalupi, T. Grange, C. Antón, J. Demory, C. Gómez, I. Sagnes, N. D. Lanzillotti-Kimura, A. Lemaítre, A. Auffeves, A. G. White, L. Lanco & P. Senellart. doi:10.1038/nphoton.2016.23 The scaling of optical […]

Cavity enhanced interference of remote single photon sources.

PHYSICAL REVIEW B covering condensed matter and materials physics Cavity-enhanced two-photon interference using remote quantum dot sources V. Giesz, S. L. Portalupi, T. Grange, C. Antón, L. De Santis, J. Demory, N. Somaschi, I. Sagnes, A. Lemaître, L. Lanco, A. Auffèves, and P. Senellart   Phys. Rev. B 92, 161302(R) DOI:   Quantum dots in cavities […]