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Highly efficient solid-state sources of pure quantum light


Cryostat integration

Integration in a low-vibration cryostat:
It is now possible to couple the eDelight sources directly to a single-mode fiber placed in the cryostat chamber equipped with 3-axis nanopositioners. With active positioning, you have the ability to choose the optimal source device according to your needs and optimize the single-photon coupling (above 85%).
 Contact us to check the compatibility of your cryogenic system.
Fibered eDelight attoDRY
Integration in a standard cryostat (available soon)
It is now possible to place the eDelight chip inside a standard cyostat chamber (similar to SNSP-detectors).
The source device is permanently pigtailed and does not require any active alignment.
Contact us for more information about performances and availability of the pigtailed version of eDelight.

Prometheus – the complete solution integrating all the equipment, optical modules and electronics, required for single-photon generation with highest brightness and quantum purity.


Options & accessories

 QFiber : high transparency confocal microscope setup for the coupling of the emitted single-photons into a single-mode optical fiber: source-to-fiber output transmission efficiency above 60%

QShaper : compact and tunable shaping module for pulse laser filtering up to 130 picometer. Suitable for femtosecond and picosecond pulse shaping and designed for optimal eDelight optical driving. In-coupling and out-coupling through single-mode fibers.



n-DMX : active time-to-spatial demultiplexer for routing a sequence of single-photons, in different spatial modes

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