Our Technology

Performances under pulsed excitation:

Non resonant excitation

  • more than 3 MHz counts per second

  • single photon purity g2(0) < 0.03

  • two photon indistinguishability V > 0.75

Pure resonant excitation

  • more than 1 MHz counts per second

  • single photon purity g2(0) < 0.01

  • two photon indistinguishability V > 0.92

Our Services

High number of counts

More than 100 MHz at the output of a single mode fiber, under non-resonant pulsed excitation (0.5 GHz repetition rate).

Single and Identical photons on demand

In the regime of resonant pulsed excitation, our devices can provide photons with indistinguishability as high as 99% and two photon probability, g2(0) = 0%

Many photons, all identical

>90 % indistinguishability between two photons delayed by 100 nanoseconds. In such a way you can dispose of more than hundreds indistinguishable photons.

Broad temperature range operation

Temperature is not a stringent requirement. Due its unique design structure, up to 75% photon indistinguishability can be maintained up to 18 Kelvin!

About Us

Dr. Niccolo Somaschi


Prof. Pascale Senellart

Co-founder / Scientific advisor

Dr. Valerian Giesz


Prof. Khaled Karrai

Dr. Samuel Bucourt

Prof. Eleni Diamanti

Prof. Benoît Deveaud

Prof. Didier Roux

They Say

Integrated quantum dot sources will pave the way of optical quantum technologies up to the achievement of the Quantum supremacy, and further.