Harnessing the generation of pure quantum light

Photonics is among the few platforms that can reach very high levels of complexity in quantum communication, computation and sensing. This is made possible by the mobility of photons and the large variety of their controllable degrees of freedom.
Scaling up optical quantum technologies requires efficient single-photon sources delivering no more than one photon per pulse with the highest repetition rate. For many applications the generated photons should be indistinguishable with a high level of fidelity.

High number of counts

More than 100 MHz at the output of a single mode fiber, under non-resonant pulsed excitation (0.5 GHz repetition rate).

Single and Identical photons on demand

In the regime of resonant pulsed excitation, our devices can provide photons with indistinguishability as high as 99% and two photon probability, g2(0) = 0%

Many photons, all identical

>90 % indistinguishability between two photons delayed by 100 nanoseconds. In such a way you can dispose of more than hundreds indistinguishable photons.

Broad temperature range operation

Temperature is not a stringent requirement. Due its unique design structure, up to 75% photon indistinguishability can be maintained up to 18 Kelvin!

eDelight is a single-photon source device based on a solid-state technology: a semiconductor quantum dot is placed with nanometric precision in the center of a photonic structure, which permits to collect the emitted single-photons with exceptional efficiency at high rates.
The insertion of electrical contacts, in a unique and scalable design, permits to strongly reduce the charge noise decoherence. This reduced-noise environment allows the emission of identical photons with fidelity close to unity, an essential requirement for the development of the most advanced quantum applications.