Quandela awarded with the “Grand Prize i-LAB 2018”

In a dedicated ceremony, occurred the previous 5th of July 2018 in Paris, the French Minister of Research and Innovation, Mme. Frédérique Vidal conferred to QUANDELA the "Grand Prize i-LAB 2018" for the France's best deeptech startups.

For this special occasion, we were very happy to share the stage with Mr. Pierre Barnabé (general manager and COO of Atos), who accompanied and sponsored QUANDELA for its innovative project on quantum communication and quantum computation.

To listen to the discussion and comments from Mr. Barnabé, Mme. Vidal and Mr. Ludovic Le Moan (CEO of Sigfox) on quantum technologies, cybersecurity and quantum communication, you can follow the link below, starting from minute 42.

The video reports the full ceremony (language: french, subtitles: french).