May, 2018

Pascale Senellart elected as a fellow member 2018 of the Optical Society of America

Photo : Pascale Senellart-Mardon elected as Fellow Member 2018 by Ursula Gibson, OSA President-Elect © OSA

Pascale Senellart, CNRS senior researcher at C2N and cofounder of Quandela, was elected as a Fellow Member 2018 of the Optical Society of America (OSA) during the CLEO conference about laser science and their applications in photonics, that took place in May 2018 at San Jose, California.

She was elected “for inventing in-situ optical lithography that couples quantum dots and optical cavities with nanometric precision, realising solid-state single and entangled photon sources of unsurpassed performance that are moving quantum optics towards a scalable future”.