Prometheus is the first complete plug-and-play integrating a fibered pulsed laser, a cryogenic chamber and fibered solid-state sources based on Quantum dots.


The efficient solid-state sources of single of highly-indistinguishable photons for quantum applications.
It contains several micropillar sources on the same chip (image on the left):
– determistically fabricated, i.e. only one selected quantum dot emitter coupled to a micrometer size optical cavity

– electrically tunable


Active routing of single photons with high transparency


– a unique compact module combining electronics and optics for driving eDelight devices and combining it with other optical platforms via single-mode optical fibers.




– Compact optical setup module comprising a set of customized filters for adapting standard pulsed laser systems and optimally interface with eDelight source devices.


– An open facility, where you can bring your setup to combine with Quandela’s state-of-the-art instruments: stabilized optical table, low-vibration cryostat, pulsed laser systems, highly efficient single-photon sources and superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors.

eDelight photonic chip inserted in a low-vibration cryogenic system