Quandela is delighted to strengthen the collaboration with C2N by cofunding a new PhD project carried on by Nathan Coste


Quandela is very happy to collaborate with the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (C2N) by completing the PhD grant of Nathan Coste with the support of a Paris Region PhD² grant. The goal is to exploit the technology behind Quandela sources to directly generate linear cluster states of entangled photons. He will be supervised by Prof. Pascale Senellart from C2N and by Dr. Niccolo Somaschi, CTO of Quandela for the industrial aspects. 

“Within the PhD of Nathan, we will use the same technology as the one used by Quandela to directly generate chains of entangled photons, a long sought milestone for quantum communications and quantum computation. We are very happy that Quandela joins us in this adventure, and will allow us to benefit from all their expertise in harvesting the single photons for optimal use!”  – Pascale Senellart, CNRS research director.

“After my internship at Quandela, Pascale offered me to work on this PhD project. It is a very exciting topic and I was already working closely with Pascale’s research group, so I got immediately conviced. I’m glad to continue working with Quandela through this collaboration.”  – Nathan Coste

“The successful development of protocols for the generation of large numbers of entangled photons directly from quantum-dot source devices will be a crucial achievement , as photonic cluster states represent an essential resource in several quantum photonics applications, from computing to communication and sensing.”  – Niccolo Somaschi, CTO of Quandela