QuandeLAB : an open facility dedicated to optical quantum technologies

Bring your setup to combine with Quandela’s state-of-the-art instruments: stabilized optical table, low-vibration cryostat, pulsed laser systems highly efficient single-photon sources and detectors.

Single-photon source performance

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Quantum photonic chip in a vacuum chamber at cryogenic temperature
(cryogenic system: attodry800, by attocube)

> 65% of emitted polarized photons coupled in a single-mode fiber.

> 32 million indistinguishable photons per second (pulsed excitation rate : 500MHz)

Or > 5 million indistinguishable photons per second (pulsed excitation rate : 80MHz)

Optical alignement and single-photon count rate stable for several days

Taking advantages of Quandela's single-photon technology it's easy

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Don’t worry about the source, focus only on your setup.

With millions of qubits per second over a period of days, you can go beyond the limits. Plan experiments and obtain results that were previously impossible.

Leave your setup and control it remotely from the comfort of your own office in another city or country.