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November 25th 2020

Quandela Devices at the core of the Moscow Quantum Computer

November 11st 2020

Quandela on the cover of Applied Physics Letters

September 30th 2020

We released the first integrated photonic qubit generator Prometheus

August 5th 2020

The Quandela family is getting bigger: Welcome to Petr Stepanov

We visited yesterday the teams at @Quandela_SAS and @pasqalio in the new #Qampus in Massy south of Paris. First co-working space and shared labs for #Quantum #startups in the world outside of University ! Fantastic initiative in association with @LeLabQuantique, well done !

Quantum advantage using photons. Only superconducting qubits and photons have reached this milestone so far.
What's next?
Big congratulations to @chaoyanglu and the team for the impressive work.
Go photons!
#QuantumComputing #photonics

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