A compact digital NISQ platform within reach


3-4 September 2020

Glasgow, United Kingdom

August 5th 2020

The Quandela family is getting bigger: Welcome to Petr Stepanov

July 21st 2020

Quandela announces its first fundraising with Quantonation and Bpifrance.

All you ever wanted to know about #HPC High Performance Computing by our own @JeanGabrielTB Spoiler: the future is about #quantum and #photonics with @Quandela_SAS @pasqalio @LightOnIO @ComputingOrca @qubit_pharma @MultiverseQC https://medium.com/quantonation/a-beginners-guide-to-high-performance-computing-ae70246a7af

Interesting read that presents very well the "Saclay ecosystem".
Many good reasons to join!
Saclay sacré – How France created a university to rival MIT https://www.economist.com/europe/2020/08/29/how-france-created-a-university-to-rival-mit

We are pleased to welcome Petr Stepanov who has chosen Quandela to develop new performing quantum technologies. Having worked for several years at the CEA and CNRS in Grenoble, France, Petr has a good experience in solid-state for optical quantum technologies. #Welcome

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