At the core of Quandela there is a team of enthusiast innovators which believe in a unique technology that is used by researchers around the world to power up optical quantum computing platforms.

We have a clear vision on how to exploit quantum light to build the next generation computers; we keep our feet on the ground and solve problems step by step, always looking for the simplest solution.

We are looking for motivated people that share our vision and want to participate in making new quantum technologies available to the world and changing it, to the better

      If you share the same spirit, and want to be part of the challenge, contact us to hear about the open positions and projects, and discuss where your skills could be the most helpful.

      We are seeking for several profiles to be working in these topics:

  • software development
  • quantum computing theory and protocols
  • quantum optics
  • cleanroom processing
  • business development and management 

Contact us at contact@quandela.com or apply via the link below.