A full Quantum Optics Laboratory in one plug-and-play device

Optical Quantum technologies require a more and more important stream of quantum particles, the precious single photons. On the other hand, most experimental setups require a lot of attention on the other optical elements for the manipulation of the optical Quantum information. The revolutionary concept and design of Prometheus stand-alone single-photon source is the perfect solution to provide a high stream of single and indistinguishable photons for demanding quantum researches. It consists in a all-in-one device that provides a stable stream of photons with a record brightness thanks to our proprietary technology at the nanometer level. Hence, with the Prometheus, researchers can now focus their efforts on their ideas for the design of new experiments based on the manipulation of optical quantum bits.



  • Insertion in a n-mode linear interferometer
  • Boson Sampling
  • Generation of Bell states
  • Generation of GHZ states
MultiPhoton Interfero

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